What is Unrushed Experiences?

It's a premium degustation of the senses event for overworked professionals to undo the damage of busy. Think ... ‘Chef’s Table meets musical artistry in a private dinner’. An invitation for the super busy who are drowning in speed and starving for stillness, to slow down, and be completely present for a night.

How much is it?

Prices range from $250 – $350 per person, depending on the event (each event is slightly different). The next Unrushed Experience is TBA. Click here to book your spot once announced. There are limited seats, and once sold out there won't be any spots added.

When is it?

The next Unrushed Experience is on the 23rd of August, 2019 starting at 6PM sharp and concluding at 10:30PM at KOI Desert Bar & Dining, Chippendale Sydney NSW. Click here to book.

Where is it?

We partner with various top-tier restaurants and reveal these details on a per event basis. The next event location is being confirmed within the Sydney CBD.

What’s on the menu?

Each Unrushed Experience is between 5–7 courses. The next event is a 5-course degustation menu. Once announced, click here to view the menu details.

Who are the special guests, performers and musicians?

Special guests, performers and musicians are carefully selected to harmonise with the Unrushed theme, space and format. We announce these details singularly, event-by-event. Visit the pricing & details page for specifics on the next one.

What if I’m not a corporate professional?

Totally fine! All are welcome. We understand that busy lifestyles come in many forms and in different life stages, regardless of career title.

On the flip side, you may not be looking to undo the damage of busy. Perhaps you're more so excited by the concept of a degustation of the senses evening. This is for you too.

Whatever your motivations are for an Unrushed Experience, the doors are open for you to book your spot. It is currently quarterly in the Sydney CBD.

What’s the best way to be notified about upcoming events?

Click here to register your interest by submitting your name, email and role. You’ll then be added to our main email list and be the first to know about everything Unrushed Experiences related.

Can we work or partner with Unrushed Experiences?

We have a high curation process based on value alignment and quality. Whether you’re a restaurant, musician, artist, performer, special guest or supplier – we’d be delighted to hear from you if you resonate with our mission and vision. Click here to send us a message.

Do you cater for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, we absolutely do. During checkout, let us know your dietary requirements. All courses have vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Plus, let us know of any allergies (if any) and we can personalise. Click here to send us a message.